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  Qingdao Fortune Co., Ltd. established in 1996, is a class-A freight forwarder authorized by the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation,PRC Based on our philosophy of?harmony,honesty and efficiency,we provide our clients with theprofessional and comperhensive logistic services...


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Unity、friendliness、mutual help and humanistic care are always the main theme in Qingdao Fortune Co.,LTD.Combined the philosophy ofhamnony,honesty and sfficiency with our work, we continually self-improve our service in order to cater for more clients.

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Idle container ship fleet-金沙

In (Drewry shipping consultants road) said recently, from November 2016 to June 2016, spare capacity has decreased from 1.7 million TEU container ship fleet to 500000 TEU. For the freight company, this news means that the industry become more healthy, asset consumption cost less. Idle container ship fleet to the second half of this year, will likely be leveled off, this is due to some short-term period rent agreement may expire, and demolition activities decreased, which means that the freight industry close to the recovery, but as a result of idle assets is still too much, industry recovery in the short term is still unable to quickly implement. Idle container ship plunged because there are a lot of capacity. First of all, the original hanjin shipping after bankruptcy, the company's ships or other owners was recovered, or scrap processing. By early June 2017, hanjin shipping vessels only 13 ships do not have to redeploy, left idle capacity of about 100000 TEU. In addition, the container ship recently scrapped activity also effectively cut the spare capacity. From December 2016 to March 2016, the middle of a total of 23 idle container ship dismantling, dismantling capacity of 76000 teu. From march t...


Idle container ship fleet

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Once the cosco shipping with ooc...

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Haifeng and Qingdao internationa...

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